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Woodlandknife.jpg (43828 bytes) My wife found this woodland knife blade in one of our favorite spots close to home. 06/99
Gascblade02.jpg (36379 bytes) I found this Archaic piece on a high, eroded dirt bank while boating on the Gasconade river.
newblades01.jpg (68752 bytes) A couple of woodland blades found with the first one on this page 06/99.   The one on the left has a fine edge on the right with a perforator on the tip.   The left side was hardly shaped at all.
newsmall.jpg (54352 bytes) Small scraper and an arrowhead.  The arrowhead on the left was made from heat-treated burlington flint.
Frm2Pic03.jpg (13874 bytes) Very, very thin.  Adena Gary?
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