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Frm2Pic15.jpg (38019 bytes) Found these next two within 10 feet of each other.  Big Sandy?
Frm2Pic09.jpg (53747 bytes) Found next to the one above. This has the shape of a Dalton but not the flaking characteristics 
Frm2Pic14.jpg (13548 bytes) Pine Tree/Kirk?  Would appear to be a good example.
Frm2Pic10.jpg (7481 bytes) Snyders?  Dovetail?
Frm2Pic12.jpg (13156 bytes) Archaic side-notched.  Nice pink/purple flint.
Frm2Pic13.jpg (12293 bytes) Gibson?  That's my guess anyway
Frm2Pic04.jpg (11255 bytes)
Frm2Pic18.jpg (65053 bytes) A couple of pieces made from Missouri banded flint.
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