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h_bean01.jpg (40672 bytes) This was a great find.  4" long, probably a knife blade.    Etley??
Frm2Pic01.jpg (48787 bytes) I'd call it Archaic corner-notch.  Snyders/Hopewell....

The base had been worked down thin and then snapped off.

Frm2Pic02.jpg (12776 bytes) Adena Dickson
Frm2Pic17.jpg (23738 bytes) Possibly a Rice - contracting stem?
Frm2Pic06.jpg (16655 bytes) Classic Afton.  Slight nick on the right.
Frm2Pic07.jpg (14156 bytes) Probably a Smith knife blade.  Has a nice perforator on the right.   This is perhaps my favorite point.  It's made from smooth, glassy flint.
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