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Here are the latest.  I will move some of these into the permanent gallery.

Flint ax/adz or hand tool?  Appears to be grooved.  June 2001.
A few small points found June 2001.
A few nice points from a new field.
Drill and a couple of birds

A nice little arrow point found in a river bottom drainage ditch 01/09/00.
Found 12/25/99 and 1/1/00 respectively.

An Archaic side-notched and an Adena.  The side-notched piece was picked up in a hog pen while I was squirrel hunting.

Not sure what to call this.  Possibly falls into the Rice category. (12/16/99)

Large Woodland or possibly Archaic knife. (12/16/99)

Found 12/11/99.  I'm guessing this is a Hardin.  This point has excellent flaking and basal grinding.