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Frm6pic1.jpg (36903 bytes) Found this banded slate pendant in a gravel bar along the river.
Frm6pic2.jpg (9480 bytes) Pieces of various types of pottery and some small clay balls.
Frm6pic3.jpg (9078 bytes) Some more small pieces.  We picked up about a half gallon of this stuff before we decided we had enough.

These next three items are on loan from a friend.  They came from southern California (I think).

lwpic1.jpg (46109 bytes)  

What's your guess.  A celt or grinding stone?  It is ground to an edge on the left side.

lwpic2.jpg (39635 bytes) ???  Are the grooves for hafting?  A couple of people have suggested that this stone was used for grinding/polishing points.
lwpic3.jpg (64394 bytes) Large full groove hammer.  The ends have not been sharpened like an axe.