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Frm3pic14.jpg (47918 bytes) Side notched with the point busted.  This is the most common kind of flint found around here.  I'm not an expert on flint so I don't know what to call it.  

Update:  banded flint

Frm3pic01.jpg (12652 bytes) Interesting.  Side-notched or stemmed?
Frm3pic03.jpg (12876 bytes) Smith?
Frm3pic04.jpg (13155 bytes) Simple stemmed point.  Adena?
Frm3pic09.jpg (13615 bytes) Rice on the bottom (C7).
Frm3pic05.jpg (10539 bytes) D4 has been reshaped.
Frm3pic12.jpg (10966 bytes) I'm getting down to the bottom of the barrell here.  As better points become available, some of these will have to go to make room.
Frm3pic13.jpg (39308 bytes)