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Here's a point (probably Clovis) a friend of mine found this summer while fishing.  Not a bad day's catch.

The lady who sent me these pics wants help identifying this stuff.  I have never seen anything like this.  I've included her descriptions below.  If you have some questions for the owner, email.

"...It is a whistle in the shape of an old woman's head.  I think it is carved from bone but it could also be made from clay or even rock.  I found her in Lincoln County, Mo.
along with some arrowheads and what appears to be a sharpening stone.  If you
could help me figure out what this is I would certainly appreciate it. ..."

oldwoman.jpg (25465 bytes)

"The holes in the figure are at the bottom and then two openings on the  back
so that when you blow on the bottom it makes a shrill whistling sound.  I
don't think it is a necklace because it would hang upside down."

indiancollection.jpg (43267 bytes)

"...As for the long item, it is made of stone.  It is slightly more then 1/2 inch
thick and about1 1/4 inches at it's widest point.  It has several brown and
black 'stains'.  It is 6" long (one end is broken off). "